Data Strategy Consultancy
smartmind provides data strategy consulting that guides customers in 5 steps. Take action to get logical results from your big data. Explore insights from your data.

Whether you're just starting your data science project or implementing Artificial Intelligence-supported solutions, Smartmind helps you get the most out of your investment. Our cross-functional team including data scientists, big data engineers and designers will provide data strategy consulting for you and help you use the latest technologies for your data and business.

Knowing the value of information is critical to move ahead of your competitors. Data is the asset and knowledge capital of an enterprise; Businesses that lack efficient infrastructure and management processes to support data acquisition may miss new opportunities. Long-term Data Strategy planning will help prepare people, processes and technologies for agile and unpredictable future business opportunities.

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Why do you need data strategy consulting?

Companies with no previous experience in data science and big data analytics have difficulty understanding new technologies and new trends and choosing the right technologies for a new project.

Thanks to our experienced team, you stay away from unnecessary investments in your projects and do not invest in the wrong platforms and capabilities.

With our experts, you build a flexible data platform that supports your current business and technical goals and will keep pace with change in the future. Our team works in cooperation with your technical teams in all processes.

The ultimate purpose of this service is to define a data strategy roadmap to support the activation of Master Data Management, Big Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence applications in a company.

Corporate Data Strategy

A corporate data strategy is the company's vision of how to collect, store, manage, share and use the data. A data strategy should be specific and feasible, easily adaptable to changing circumstances.

Knowing how and when to implement a data strategy is often as important as the data itself. Today's business executives need to be more prepared than ever to build a strong, data-driven business.

It should be noted that developing a data strategy and understanding the data is only half of the work. A successful data strategy means more than just printing a chart, table or pie chart to your sales team. It is crucial when and how the data will be applied to achieve the best results in line with the strategy. By this means, data provides seeing the big picture.

The first thing to do when you move on to the implementation phase is to accurately identify which business outcome should be acquired with your data strategy.

As Smartmind, we will analyze and examine key points of the work, manpower, root causes, data and process challenges with the 5-step methodology. In the light of this information, we will identify strategic opportunities and solutions.

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