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We offer training programs on Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Artificial Learning, Big Data Applications, Basic and Advanced Statistics, SAS and ORACLE software.

Technological developments in the last century have deeply affected our lives. The exponentially increasing of data flow and information led to the need to learn something new at almost every moment. However, this continuity, which is accepted as lifelong learning, may be possible by following the increasing information with the right methods. As Smartmind, we follow technological developments. We offer the best training solutions to help you and your business.

What we do?

We reflect our experience obtained from national and international projects that we have successfully completed in our applied training programs.

How we do?

First of all, we determine your business goals and needs. In accordance with the information obtained, our experts prepare the most suitable training program for you. The training content is fully customized to your needs; practical and solution oriented trainings are offered by our experienced instructors.

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Data Mining

  • Data Mining Processes
  • Data Preparation Techniques
  • Missing Data
  • Modeling
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Visualization
  • Sectoral Data Mining Applications
  • Data Mining with Analytical Softwares

Big Data

  • Methods and Strategies for Using Large-Scale Data
  • Analytical Solutions on Big Data Platforms
  • Visualization on Big Data
  • Modeling with Big Data
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Statistics Source: Tumisu


  • Basic Statistics Training (Sampling, Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, T Tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, Correlation, Linear Regression, Etc.)
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Biostatistics
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Time Series and Forecasting Techniques
  • Regression Analysis Techniques

SAS Software

  • SAS Programming 1 : Essentials
  • SAS® Programming 2 : Manipulating Data with the DATA Step
  • SAS® Macro Languages: Essentials
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 1 : Querying and Reporting
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 2 : Advanced Tasks and Reporting
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 3 : ANOVA, Regression and Logistic Regression
  • SAS Enterprise Miner : Applied Analytics with SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Software Source: SAS
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